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I keep tweeting to you, hoping to catch your attention, just because I feel like I have to say things *and* *be* *heard* so the mental storm will quieten down. It’s not as polished as the Pope song, it hasn’t gone through the same intellectual filter… And, the parents won’t have any money or political clout to fight back.

Now, wait it out until that generation passes away so the gov doesn’t have to pay the Stolen Wages back.

Wake up George, if it was me I would want to come home even I’d I was on deaths door.

The line in your song re survivors shame and fear, is so true and I get teary each time I hear it.

Pell was born and educated in Ballarat, and at one point actually lived with Gerry Ridsdale, one of the most prolific (and allegedly protected) paedophiles in Australian history. He spent his career protecting pedofiles, in particular, the vile rampant abuser Fr Brendan Smyth.

He has been accused of covering up the actions of others, and of sexually abusing a kid himself. I bought this song when it was released in feb and can’t stop listening and playing it for anyone who hasn’t heard it. Thank you for using your fame and the platform you have to bring much needed attention to truly disgusting cover ups. Looks like every country in the world could take your song and substitute Cardinal Pell with the cardinal of their area . A mention and Thank You to Spotlight team on Boston Globe. We have had many inquires and investigations in recent years and will have many more! Smyth abused hundreds of children during his time as a Priest! ” Well, that horse – for most of our THINKING population – had bolted yonks ago.

But George has sent a doctor’s note saying he’s too unwell to fly.

The whole thing stinks to high hell, and many people in Australia are very, very angry…not least of all, the survivors in Ballarat, where abuse was sickeningly rife.

Your other song about this topic made me turn in my former best friend who I didn’t want to believe might be capable of this type of horribleness. Tim, it’s not hard to see why you are a hero to so many.

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Totally free adult chat in adelaide introduction

Totally free adult chat in adelaide

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