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I have long been invested in the future of Vintage on MTGO, and was an early adopter of the format on that platform.

Over time, I observed trends, noted patterns, and accumulated notes on how I felt that the platform could be improved for Vintage players and the Vintage experience in particular.

In July 2015, the managers of MTGO announced the introduction of play points to replace tickets as prizes in daily events, and changes to the daily event structure.

Whether valid or not, these changes were perceived as part of a negative trend of declining support for Vintage on the platform.

I apologize in advance if there is an established MUD-Stax thread, but while a forum search an page scan revealed all sorts of Stax builds, I found no MUD-Stax build. However, unlike MUD-Stompy, this deck focuses more on disruption and becomes almost as effective a prison deck as the Vintage version.

Game 2-3 bring smokestack, crucible, and winter orb in, taking out precursor golem and metalworker (because they WILL remove them). That deck packs so much discard and permanent removal that the game can get very one-sided quickly.The only thing to watch out for is Rebuild or Hurkyl's Recall - but again, those cards can be made uncastable. Games 2 and 3 bring in Stack, extra Crucible, and Relic, while taking out the Precursor Golems, Metalworkers, and 2 Hellkites. Post side bring in Winter Orb and Wurmcoil, and that makes the matchup more favorable. It plays very similarly as the storm combo decks, except they can sometimes produce enough mana to actually start casting stuff.Goblins - Very positive 70-30 (actually, slightly higher. Again, their curve (at least as far as what they will usually hardcast) is very tight, and resolved sphere effects screw with their development something fierce. While they won't combo out as effectively as they would against other decks, they sometimes don't need to.It just seemed wrong that Vintage could be enjoying long overdue success, in spite of its many structural limitations (the Reserved List preeminent among them) in paper Magic, but slowly failing on MTGO.I enlisted Rich Shay, and asked if he wanted to co-author an open letter on suggestions for improving the Vintage experience on MTGO. We began by outlining things we’d like to see happen, and those that we agreed upon, or at least did not object to, we included in our letter.

It may also be tempting to bring in relic/tormod's crypt to screw with Tombstalker, but don't. Game 1 often depends on who goes first, as they will almost always have a Thoughtseize or Duress to get rid of sphere effects. However, it does run a very tight curve, and so you can still try to screw that up for them.

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Tanglewire online dating introduction

Tanglewire online dating

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