Instructing us, there will be three rounds of speed dates, each date consisting of one-minute each, three-minute, then five-minute dates with a five-minute refreshment period between rounds.After the first three rounds, each participant may select up to three choices to share a forth-round date.Elegant men and women of all sizes, shapes and colors, mingled with cool anticipation, eyeing each other's robes and smiles.Giggles of all tonations blended with the temperament of the music and the sound of swirling ice. With all the participants were a dozen groomsmen and maids serving hors d'oeuvre of stuffed mushrooms and caviar creamed crackers and other luscious delights. All the groomsmen wore crisp black bowties around their necks.The maids wore the same along with a delicate black lace apron tied at their narrow waistline, too small to cover their sex, and stilettos.Each maid wore identical colored lipstick and pale make-up tone which reminded me of the Robert Palmer's music video, Addicted to Love, where his robotic female band pounded out its tune.Requirement: No touching each other during the first three rounds of dates.Only those who matched their choices will be allowed to touch in the fourth date round. The crowd lightly applauded, whistled and laughed, all of us feeling the excitement of the event about to unfold.

As the women began to enter the outside lane of this arena, we were handed our long necklace of soft lace that held a number molded of creamy milk chocolate, wrapped in shiny gold foil. A good sign tingled through me, the month of my birth. Two stuffy black leather chairs faced each other, with a lovely multi flowered bouquet on a small glass top table.The trumpet blew out a loud five-second riff signaling our start.Excitedly, I adjust the long white lace necklace, the gold foil glowing and enter to meet my number-eleven first-date-man.There was a large, three-foot pillar candle, lit, on its own ornate pedestal, along with one free standing full-length footed mirror.My breath quickened before the sound of the first note.

This is ever so light and I am exhilarated immediately in my spirit.

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