Mixed race dating bible

Still the fact remains, that Solomon, who by his Temple in its ultimate results did so much for estahlishing the doctrine of one God, died himself a practical polytheist.And if this was the case with him, Polytheism in other sovereigns of inferior excellence can excite no surprise.The Phoenicians were the great maritime and commercial people of the ancient world, and pre-eminent in colonization.The Romans transcribed the Greek "phoenix" to "poenus", thus calling the emigres to Carthage "punic." Augustine of Hippo stated that the peasants in his part of Africa, if asked their race, would answer, in Punic or Phoenician, "Canaanites." In Hebrew "canaan" means, "merchant" or "trafficer," "to bend the knee," "bring down low," "humiliate" or "vanquish." Genesis , "the families of the Canaanites (would be scattered, vanquished, or) spread abroad".

The Jews claimed to be the children of Abraham however that they were not true children of Abraham is certain when they say that they were never in bondage (John -33).In some such way we must account for the astonishing fact that Solomon himself, the wisest man, to whom Jehovah is expressly stated to have appeared twice—once, not long after his marriage with an Egyptian princess, on the night after his sacrificing 1,000 burnt offerings on the high place of Gibeon, and the second time, after the consecration of the Temple—should have been so far beguiled by his wives in his old age as to become a polytheist, worshipping, among other deities, the Phoenician or Sidonian goddess Ashtaroth (I Kings 3:1-5; 9:2; 11:1-5).And probably, according to his own erroneous conceptions, he never ceased to regard himself as a loyal worshipper of Jehovah, but at the same time he deemed this not incompatible with sacrificing at the altars of other gods likewise.The early ilu can be seen as the Canaanite and Assyrian "El" for God, and also in Hebrew such as elohim and "El Shadai." The Sumerians who lived in the same region and date to the same period invented cuneiform writing, but were distinct from the Semitic Accadians, and spoke an unrelated language.Ea was known the Sumerians as "Enki." In Sumerian, En- denotes kingship the way we use "lord" in English.

Phoenician words are found in Greek and Latin classical literature as well as in Egyptian, Accadian, and Hebrew writings.

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Mixed race dating bible introduction

Mixed race dating bible

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