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If fupdating tconfig

Controllers' objects contain parameters' objects Subsystem contains the types of data sources.The source may be virtually any substance providing any data.The object contains the functions of encoding, decoding, and localization of messages.In the subsystems (TSub SYS) the functions typical for each subsystem individually with the general access for all subsystems are carried out through the object TSub SYS.After starting the management is captured by the system object till stop.

Initialization of the root is performed only one time from the main calling function.

Individual module implements the functionality according to its own needs.

The subsystem provides the basic functions to access the type of database, as well as generalized functions for the manipulation of the databases and tables.

The chart graphically presents the relationship between modular subsystems and modules. The difference between the modular subsystems is clearly shown in Fig. Thus, the modular subsystems necessarily contain a list of modular structures (TModule), such as subsystem TArchive S contain modular objects TType Archivator.

The root, from which we construct the whole system is the object of TSYS. At the same time, the normal subsystem does not contain such objects. In the process of initializing the root (TSYS) the global variable SYS is defined.

Type of source can be divided into individual sources (controllers) within the limits of the particular type.

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Sep 26, 2014. Currently updating. Check out the Spriter's Produce Program if you want to speed up development and help. The tAPI version will be more compatible with other. The Golden Flames uses code by Dubby, the thread for that mod is here 
08-Jul-2018 09:15
Tutorials These pages explain the basics of how to work with tConfig, and cover a variety of. 
08-Jul-2018 09:19
When configured correctly, the File* API will treat an archive file like a virtual directory that's what TrueVFS is all about. File* module is not set up correctly in order to detect the file extension of the archive type you want to access. To make sure it does, make the following call early in your application TConfig.get. 
08-Jul-2018 09:23
Object of the templates library of parameters of the "DAQ" subsystem TPrmTmplLib. Data in the OpenSCADA system and their storage in the DB TConfig. name of the configuration. bool prjSwitch const string &prj, bool toCreate = false ; — Switch to project prj. int prjLockUpdPer ; — Get project lock updating period. 
08-Jul-2018 09:27

If fupdating tconfig introduction

If fupdating tconfig

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