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Gridview rowupdating in asp net using c

Scott Mitchell February 2007 Download the code for this sample.Introduction Step 1: Binding the Data to the Grid View Step 2: Displaying the First and Last Names in a Single Column Step 3: Using the Calendar Control to Display the Hire Date Field Step 4: Showing the Number of Days the Employee Has Worked for the Company Conclusion About the Author Special Thanks The Grid View is composed of a set of fields that indicate what properties from the Data Source are to be included in the rendered output along with how the data will be displayed.Another way to customize the formatting based on the underlying data is by calling formatting methods from within a template.We'll look at this technique in this tutorial, too.It might be nice to combine them into a single column, instead. We can either add a new Template Field, add to it the needed markup and data-binding syntax, and then delete the Bound Fields named First Name and Last Name, or we can convert the Bound Fields named First Name into a Template Field, edit the Template Field to include the Last Name value, and then remove the Bound Field named Last Name.

To convert an existing Bound Field into a Template Field, click on the Edit Columns link from the Grid View's smart tag, which brings up the Fields dialog box.

For this report, let's not bother with displaying the Employee ID, Reports To, or Country property.

To remove these Bound Fields, you can: Take a moment to view our progress in a browser.

While the Check Box Field, Image Field, Hyper Link Field, and Button Field field types allow for an alternate view of the data, they still are fairly limited with respect to formatting.

A Check Box Field can display only a single check box, whereas an Image Field can display only a single image.

The simplest field type is the Bound Field, which displays a data value as text.

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Gridview rowupdating in asp net using c introduction

Gridview rowupdating in asp net using c