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The ancient town was surrounded by gigantic walls, while the most famous spot is the Lion Gate, the entrance to the town with two female stone lions above.Mycenae is among the most important archaeological sites in Greece.A very prosperous town in the ancient times, Mycenae Greece gave its name to an entire civilization, the Mycenaean civilization, that flourished from about 1,600 to 1,00 BC.Although this civilization was expanded in the entire country, the centre and most powerful town was Mycenae, the kingdom of the legandary king Agamemnon, ruler of the Greeks in the Trojan War.

Most visitors to Mycenae choose to stay in the lovely town of Nafplion or the seaside village of Tolo and make a day trip to the ancient site.See our photos and maps to get a better understanding of the location.Have a look on our travel services about Mycenae and organize your visit there.The palace at Athens has been almost totally destroyed, to the extent that we can say little more than that a palace almost certainly once existed on the . The construction dates of the palatial structures at Athens, Orchomenos, and Iolkos are either unknown or unpublished.A substantial building at Iolkos is claimed to be a palace by its excavator, but the only part of it to have been exposed does not prove it to have been a palace. The palaces of Mycenae, Tiryns, and Thebes need be no earlier than LH IIIA2 (ca. C.), while those at Pylos and Gla were built no earlier than LH IIIB (ca. The Menelaion building was destroyed in LH IIIA1 and not rebuilt on the same scale until late LH IIIB.

By far the earliest palatial building to have been excavated is that at the Menelaion of LH IIB-IIIA1 date (ca. The palatial building at Gla appears to have been destroyed early in LH IIIB.

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Minoan, Mycenae, Troy. Tholos Tomb D is the most southerly building of the Phourni cemetery and inside was found an undisturbed female burial dating from. 
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Distribution and Dating of Mycenaean Palaces. Mycenaean palatial structures are now known at the following sites on the Greek Mainland a Argolid 1 Mycenae 2 Tiryns Palaces were probably also located at Midea and Argos but have either been eroded away by natural processes or destroyed by subsequent building operations. 
23-Dec-2018 21:22
Gold signet ring from the "Tiryns Treasure" of Mycenae. Dated to the 15th century B. C. 
23-Dec-2018 21:26
Recent photos of this tour. Browse the gallery of recent Epidaurus & Mycenae One Day Tour from Athens photos submitted by administrative department and by actual travelers on Keytours. 
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Dating mycenae introduction

Dating mycenae

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