Dating in egypt alexandria

Beaches spread on Al- Temsah Lake which is considered one of the largest lake in Egypt where visitors enjoy sailing. Located east of the Suez Canal overlooking the Red Sea, between the gulfs of Suez and Aqaba.Sinai has history and civilization since the Pharaonic era.Diverse tourism products, hospitable people and a sunny climate ensure a year-round destination that will captivate the first time and repeat traveller to Egypt.EGYPT LOCATION Egypt is bounded to the north by the Mediterranean, to the south by Sudan, to the west by Libya and to the east by the Red Sea and Israel.290 Km west of Alexandria, It is noted for its beach which extends for 7 km with its fine white sand and transparent, quiet water as it is protected by a chain of natural rocky breakwaters extending in the sea parallel to the beach all its visitors agree that it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.Port Said was constructed when the Suez Canal was dug out in 1869, 220 km from Cairo. It is also considered the meeting point of the important maritime routes between the East and the West.A war museum commemorating the Battle of Al-Alamein and other North African battles still resides in the village, also there are German and Italian cemeteries just on its outskirts.Located 66 miles west of Alexandria, Al-Alamein main activity today is as a port for shipping oil.

Cruise the Nile and enjoy the magnificent monuments.The River Nile divides the country unevenly in two, while the Suez Canal provides a third division with the Sinai Peninsula.GATEWAY Cairo CLIMATE The best season is winder (Oct – May) when temperatures in Cairo are comfortable during the day and cool or even cold at night. During summer (Jun – Sep), Cairo is hot and dry and Upper Egypt extremely hot.Egypt is therefore considered a hub of cultural, social, intellectual, economic & political activity.Cairo is also accommodates 26% of the Egyptian population.

The Red Sea coast is hot & dry, with rain mostly in winter and mild wind throughout the year. CURRENCY Egyptian Pound (EGP) LANGUAGE Arabic is the official language. VISA South African passport holders require a visa for Egypt WHAT THINGS COST * Bottled Water USD 2.00 Can of Coke – at hotel USD 3.00 Bottle of local beer – at hotel USD 6.00 Take-away lunch USD 8.00 Dinner in restaurant USD 15.00 20 Minute taxi journey USD 10.00 * Purchase price will vary depending on point of sale.

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Dating in egypt alexandria introduction

Dating in egypt alexandria