Attitudes of college students toward interracial dating

One hundred and eighty-eight undergraduates at a large southeastern university completed a confidential anonymous questionnaire designed to assess their attitudes toward adopting a child transracially (transracial adoption was defined as the adoption of a child from a race different from that of the adoptive parent).

Thirty was the average score (possible range 15-105 with the lower the score the more positive the attitude) reflecting overwhelmingly positive attitudes toward transracial adoption.

S., After decades of laws prohibiting such relationships, American attitudes towards them continued to be extremely negative until the presents day, when they can be said to be ambivalent at best.

It further informs that these attitudes are reflected in problems surrounding interracial, interracial dating, and interracial marriage according to available data, such relationships appear to be increasing in number, perhaps because greater integration as required by law has allowed people from different groups to meet, or perhaps as a sign of decreasing racial prejudice.

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The college classification of the sample was 15% Freshman, 38% Sophomore, 22% Junior, 25% Senior, with 0.5% unknown.

The religious affiliation of the sample was 43% Protestant, 18% Catholic, 1% Jewish, 38% of the sample did not indicate a religious preference.

The reliability (internal consistency of the items) was .90.

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An alpha level of .05 was used for all statistical tests and r was calculated as the effect size.

Findings and Discussion The lowest possible score on the Attitudes Toward Transracial Adoption Scale was 15; the highest possible score was 105; the midpoint, 60.

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Attitudes of college students toward interracial dating introduction

Attitudes of college students toward interracial dating

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