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For example, the Data Grid Item, Data Grid Column, and Table Row, Table Cell, Table Cell Collection, Table Header Cell, and Table Items Style are helper classes of the table control. To add server controls manually, you create a text file and save it with an extension .

A web Service is an application that sits and runs on the Web server.

Global Theme A Global theme is a theme that is applied to all the web sites on a web server and includes property settings, and graphics.

This theme allows us to maintain all the websites on the same web server and define the same style for all the web pages of the web sites.

Web server controls, validation control, and user controls. You'll see these classes in the examples in this article. In other worlds, you can drag and drop Web Forms controls onto a Web form, set properties by right-clicking on a control, and even write handlers by double-clicking on the control as you'd do in windows GUI applications such as Visual Basic.

HTML developers must be familiar with old HTML controls, which they use to write GUI applications in HTML. Web server controls are more powerful than HTML controls because they provide more functionality and are easier to use. In addition to these classes, it also includes state management, templates, and validation-related classes. When a client (Web browser) makes a call for Web control such as a Button or a Data Grid, The runat ="Server" (Discussed later in more detail) tells the Web server that the controls will be executes on the server and they'll send HTML data to the client at run-time after execution.

I was thinking AJAX had something built in for this scenario, but I've been unable to find it. You will also want to add the following code to your Page Load event, so that if the user has Java Script disabled, your required field validator is still turned on or off properly: You could make a custom validator, and then wrap those two controls in an Update Panel. Kinda a waste, but it saves you having to write the Java Script yourself.

I figure I could write a custom validator, but I was hoping to avoid a full post back to check the validation if possible...

NET Framework provides a rich set of server-side controls for developing Web applications. The Http File Collection class provides access to and organizes file uploaded by client. UI namespace contains classes and interfaces that enable you to develop Web-based GUI applications similar to Windows GUI applications.

You can add these controls to Web Forms pages just as you add Windows controls to a form. You can use the Http Writer class to write to the server through Http Response. This namespace provide classes to create Web Forms pages and controls. By using these Web controls you write powerful Web GUI applications similar to desktop applications.

Themes are included images and skin files; the skin files set the visual properties of ASP. Themes are of two types: Page Theme A Page theme contains the control skins, style sheets, graphic files, and other resources inside the subfolder of the App_Theme folder in the Solution Explorer window.

A page theme is applied to a single page of the web site.

These controls are the same HTML controls; you can run these controls on the server by defining the runat ="server" attribute. Besides some of the basic controls such as button, text box, label, and checkbox, ASP. Validating user input is one of the important needs for Web applications. This namespace contains HTML control classes, which I've discussed in the "HTML Server Controls" section of this article. Because the execution of these control events, methods, and attributes happens on the server, these controls are server-side Web controls.

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Asp net validating a checkboxlist control introduction

Asp net validating a checkboxlist control

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