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Cristina talks to the pregnant woman with breast cancer as she is discharge; Izzie gets the seizure guy to consent to surgery. The seizure patient tells Izzie the missing cupcake ingredient; Derek takes Meredith to his trailer for the first time.«Big As The Sky» by A.

Cristina, Izzie & Meredith inject George with penicillin for the syphilis. Meredith, Izzie & Cristina argue over performing the autopsy.

Meredith waits at Joe’s bar for Derek to arrive.«Blood and Peanut Butter» by B.

The pole victims, Bonnie & Tom, talk to each other about Heaven.

Annie prepares to go undercover; Sam & Annie talk; Annie finds a wig collection. Annie poses as a stewardess; Sam enters the lounge dressed as a pilot.

A doctor’s voice over is heard as Sam finds the squad room frozen in time; repeats as Sam returns to an active squad room. Sam chases after Richard.«Fakin’ It» by Simon and Garfunkel.

The interns talk about Meredith in the locker room.

Derek talks to Bonnie’s boyfriend, Danny.«Better Off Dead» by The Faders.

George grabs the scapel from Burke in the elevator. «End Of The World Party» by Medeski, Martin and Wood. Meredith leaves the hospital as Derek tries to explain. Derek finds Meredith crying on a bench.«Catch My Disease» by Ben Lee. Izzie & Meredith conclude their night & say ‘Seriously’ a lot.

Sam & Hunt return to Club Vendetta and find heroin. Annie says goodbye to Sam; Hunt finds a bag of cash in his closet; Sam burns the money and walks to his old apartment.«Wild In The Streets» by Garland Jeffreys. Meredith drives to work after kicking Derek out of her house.

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Allison maisel online dating introduction

Allison maisel online dating

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